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NORN Risk Engineering & Consulting is headquartered in South Americas’ biggest City São Paulo, where most of the leading insurers, brokers and industries have their offices. Exactly this short distance to local clients as well as to São Paulos’ national and international associations is a great advantage for our customer relation and work quality. Along with other experts we are active in different work groups and being proud of participating with our expertise.

NORN Risk Engineering & Consulting is born out of the FOX Group, which is more than 20 years successfully with claims management and loss adjusting active in the Brazilian market and solves regularly projects in entire South America. NORN Risk Engineering & Consulting offers all kind of loss prevention services to the international and domestic market. The core team is composed of graduated actuary and engineers from different specialities, as well as proud of offering services in four different languages - Portuguese, German, English, Spanish. Thus, feel free to *contact* us in your preferred language. In extension to the core team NORN Risk Engineering & Consulting has access to more than 100 experts from the FOX group as well as to more than 250 freelancers of different qualifications, spread over entire Latin America, which gives us the needed flexibility which our clients are looking for. For more information please feel free to *contact* us.

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Av. Francisco Matarazzo, 1752, 17° andar – cj 1719 - Pompéia – São Paulo – SP – CEP 05001-200
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